Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I Am Doing This For God

I have just opened White Eagle`s book,  HEALING THE WORLD, at a page where he says, `Whatever you are doing,  even if you are perhaps weary and unhappy, think to yourself, I am doing this for God, not for myself, but for God...God...God. Your thought of God brings healing to your heart, and healing to the particular condition or person you desire to help.`
Reading these words has touched my heart and opened a new window in my understanding of God`s love and power to uplift our thoughts and bring light to shine upon even the darkest and most difficult situations.
He goes on to say: `Hold fast to courage and the deep faith that the light can never be extinguished.`
When things seems dark around us, with so much pain and so many problems in the world, or simply too many things to do, too many people relying on our help, just to remember that `the light can never be extinguished` and that God is always there, no matter what, I find so comforting and empowering. God`s love enfolds us all, and His/Her strength upholds us through any crisis. Believing this can make all the difference, as does the realisation that every positive thought, every positive act,  every effort to lift ourselves up out of darkness to light, is something we are doing for God! `I am doing this for God` is a thought I am carrying in my heart now.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Keeping Strong, Still and Steady

‘Humanity holds within its heart the balance. It is of vital importance that this balance between the positive and negative should be kept. Negative thoughts can weigh the balance down too much on the dark side. Positive good thoughts are needed to maintain it as it should rightly be held in your world. Invisible beings are drawn to human kind to help forward evolution and they take their keynote from humanity itself.’

White Eagle is reminding us of the vital importance to keep strong, still and steady, no matter what is going on around us in the world. He has led me to open his book White Eagle on Living in Harmony with the Spirit at page 126. As we witness the turmoil and distress, the suffering and uncertainty, it is so important to try to remain strong in the light, centred and at peace within, with complete faith in the perfection of God’s plan for all life, and the absolute justice of divine law.

In doing this we are raising the vibration around us and radiating light which can be used for healing. If we can do this, we can truly make a difference.

In Living in Harmony White Eagle goes on to say: ‘The pure spirit of the Son of God, the Christos, operating through the human mind and soul, must hold the balance in life…… if only you could cultivate that inner knowledge, that certainty that God is all good—that God is all-wise and that the divine laws are for the illumination of all human kind.’

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Larks Ascending

In the beautiful May sunshine I was walking the other day along a cliff top path, much loved by my mother during her physical lifetime. She often used to comment as we walked there, on the song of the larks. We would stand together watching  them soar up into the blue sky. Gazing at them gave such an uplift to the heart and a feeling of heavenly freedom.

I remembered this as I walked listening to and watching the larks high above me and I thought of my mother. Immediately she was there beside me in her young body of light, saying to me: ‘It is like this in heaven. As the physical body slips away I can hardly describe to you the feeling of light and joy, of freedom and wellbeing. Heaven is just the same as on earth. We enjoy times with loved ones, times of rest, times of play, but there is always this feeling of lightness.’

Whilst in a physical body it is so easy to become burdened by the cares of our lives and concerns over so many things. I think my mother’s message is to encourage us all at this joyous time of Spring to cast down our burdens (just as in that lovely scene in the delightful film Mama Mia !) and be joyful. Ascend into heaven with the larks and trust your intuitive feeling that your loved one is close. Death need not separate us. As White Eagle says in his ‘Little Book for Comfort for the Bereaved’:  ‘There can be no death, only creation and dissolution, coming together again in creation—and so on, throughout the rhythm of life. When you have reached to the centre of truth—which is God, is spirit—you will be only conscious of eternally living, and will not be separated at any time from those you love.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Help for the Homeless

Every Effort Counts

I love writing about positive news items! Just after watching more scenes of refugees in Mosul queuing for food and a mother’s sad account of how hard it is to explain to her hungry children why maybe there would be no food left for them, I heard something very positive about our UK homeless.

I visit London often to be at our London Lodge (now re-housed in comfortable rooms in the Friends’ Meeting House near Trafalgar Square), and I am often shocked to see the number of sad figures huddled in their sleeping bags in doorways and underground stations.

Everyone must long for a solution to this problem and I know many charities are doing their best to help. Even individuals—and this is what struck me as I watched the local news item. It was decided to buy an old bus and convert it into a shelter for up to twenty homeless people. (In the process, also helping them find work.) The project (the idea of one individual) has turned out to be so successful that more old buses are now to be bought in a number of big cities throughout the UK. Hurray! This shows that individual efforts and ideas really can make a difference.

Our Star prayers are invaluable too, as they encourage everyone to do something if they can, whether by gift, action or prayers. As White Eagle says:

‘Every individual life, however humble, however simple, is of vast importance in the great plan. Every effort you can make to send forth the God-vibration is a contribution to God’s work. Every effort which we make in the silence to send forth good, to send forth that vibration which is of God, and the love quality, is a great service to humanity.’

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Another Star Miracle?

Memories came flooding back as I watched the news stories on the death of Martin McGuinness. What an amazing transformation in his life from IRA terrorist leader to peacemaker in Ireland, with his iconic meeting and handshake with the Queen!

I remember the days when IRA bomb scares were a frequent occurrence on the streets of London and hopes for peace In Ireland seemed far fetched. But throughout those troubled years, we kept on keeping on with our brotherhood prayers for Ireland, and many individuals working quietly with the Star in their groups and homes. We all believed, and do still believe, in the Power of the Star to bring about change - change of heart and change of entrenched views which have been carried down through generations. We knew and know that Star miracles DO happen.

Although those deeply affected by the bombings and events in Ireland and elsewhere, those who lost loved ones in the violence, find it very hard, forgiveness is possible and has been embraced by many. It was heartwarming to hear Ian Paisley`s son speaking eloquently about the reconciliation between his father and Martin McGuinness.

I feel this reflection on the past history of violence in Ireland, and the peace and forgiveness which have followed, can give us cause for renewed hope that one day peace will come in the Middle East and other troubled lands.

White Eagle says: ‘No kindness or love is ever lost. That which is good is creative, and it lives and it acts in due time.